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The sweet past of the former Union factory, combined with contemporary Canopy flavors, takes you on a local, epicurean journey. Our ReUnion restaurant offers authentic cuisine rich in fresh, local ingredients from the nearby Dolac market, which are an integral part of the daily menu inspired by Mediterranean and continental cuisine.




Canopy Central Bar

Canopy Central Bar


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Canopy Central Bar is a vibrant place in your neighborhood, full of positive energy where you’re never alone. Coffee with a book, fantasizing with a signature cocktail, relaxing with friends, having craft beer and a few bar snacks is an unforgettable experience.

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satisfy curiosity





Our creatives Dean Franić and Saša Šekoranja designed the interior, carefully choosing the most interesting and charming dashes from Zagreb’s history, woven into every bit of the Hotel Canopy by Hilton. As you pass through the lobby or have a drink at the bar, Dean and Saša as locals, take you on imaginary walks through the streets of the city, evoking past times, showing you legendary places and presenting some of the most fascinating minds.